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  1. Event Management
    Do you have an idea for an event but don't know what to do from here? Call us, we can help.
    Like you we've had many ideas for an event. But after years of creating, producing and managing events we've learned what is realistic and what is not. Case study: several years ago a charity came to us to ask for help managing an event they were planning. We sat down with them and listened to their idea. With our experience we quickly saw issues they had not considered. We were honest with them and told them there idea had problems. We created an annual event that continues to this day.
  2. Event Budgeting
    We can help you formulate a realastic pro forma for your event.
    This is an area that cannot but over stated. Many people around the country and world have an idea for an event. Many successful event marketing companies have managed events that lost money. Experience teaches us what to look out for. We can sit down with you and create a realistic budget for your event. This can save you plenty of headaches and heartaches.
  3. Event Booking Services
    Finding events can be time consuming. We can take that headache away.
    We not only manage events we also exhibit in them. We have access to thousands of potential events to exhibit in. Once we learn about your goals we can create a schedule of events for you to exhibit in. Case Study: Viqua Viqua is a Canadian based company that conracted us to establish and exhibit in fairs and festivals in New York. Their goal was that we would generate 200 leads for them. We ended up generating over 1,000 leads. Call us if you'd like help exhibiting in events.
  4. Lead Databasing
    Generating leads at events is important. What's even more important is what you do with those leads.
    Lead generation is a common goal in event marketing. Research has shown that most leads developed at events are never folowed up. With todays technology is is easier than ever to manage leads. We take your leads and put them into a database or CRM program for easy followup. There is money in information. Make sure you're maximizing the results of your event participation.
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